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Our dental laboratory was founded in 1995 and is based at Leipzig city centre. Do you know Leipzig? 125 miles south of Berlin,
Leipzig is the biggest city of Saxony, a German region with a tradition of highly skilled precision mechanics and goldsmiths
reaching back to the 17th century. Moreover, it is the birthplace of Europe's first hard paste porcelain, the secret of which
was discovered under the rule of the Saxon elector Augustus II. Refined through the centuries these skills were the fertile ground
our laboratory was able to continuously thrive on. Having started the business with initially two employees only, we were quickly
able to use innovative technologies like electroforming, implant supraconstruction, laser technology and exclusive ceramics to the
highest quality standards possible. Since then, the number of our employees has increased to currently 12. For 5 years now we have
been collaborating with Mr Peter Lerch from Swizerland, implementing his Lerch ConceptŠ dedicated to functional diagnostics
and complete prosthodontics, which is hollistically orientated towards the human being and results in stable statics and aesthetics
(what the patient used to look like in the past). Pains and aches located in the mandibular joints, neck, shoulder area and head
rapidly improve. Twice a year we organize courses for dentists involving patients to further a wider recognition of this outstanding
treatment. Conclusions drawn from it can be applied to the entire field of dentistry. More and more dentists discover this concept
through a collaboration with us and recommend it to others, because of extremely satisfying results. Moreover, together with dental
practices we provide counsel for patients with malfunctioning dental protheses. Thanks to Lerch ConceptŠ we have been able to help
a large number of patients. In close collaboration with dental practices we offer, for instance, counseling events for patients,
informational flyers, display models, financing schemes (currently available in Germany only). Dentists appreciate the high quality
of our products which are made by experienced dental technicians supported by innovative technologies and materials. Our prompt,
smooth, and reliable service has convinced numerous dental practices already and will convince you, too.

Service Spectrum

a) Technologies

Metal Ceramics - crowns, bridges
Press Ceramics - inlays, veneers, crowns
Zirconia - crowns, bridges, primary telescope crowns
New - conditionally removable bridge consisting of electroformed cap, permanently
mounted on tooth, and superimposed zirconia structure, coated with ceramics and
inserted with temporary cement

b) Products

Locks & Bars
Solid Ceramic Bridge
Sliding Elements (attachments)
Model Casting
Complete Dental Prothesis

Locks & Bars

A lock is a high-quality type of dental prosthesis, consisting
of an integral and a removeable part.

-anchorage by a fine mechanical retaining element or custom-made
-various lock makes are possible
-especially recommendable in case of missing teeth 6 and 7, because no palatal plate or bar is necessary that
might be uncomfortable for patients
-handling is comparatively easy after some practice.

-bar prothesis as economical solution
-improved fit of mandibular prothesis with, for instance, Dolder bar.


-employment of all systems and constructions is possible, e.g. crowns, bridges,
telescopes, sliding elements, bars, locks also with electroforming technique
-stress relieved gliding of electroplated telescopic coping or conical telescope crowns
-electroplated beam structures with perfect adhesive capacity
-electroplated suprastructures with electroplated screw thread
-customised layering technique according to "Kataoka"
-stable statics (screwed on or cemented)
-longevity of materials and constructions

-costs projection and construction proposal
-system consultation
-x-ray positioning device
-drilling jig
-wax up

Specialisation :
-electroplating and IPS Empress System
-customisation of coating, replaced teeth and plastic parts
-aspects of functional analysis are considered in the creational process

Metal Ceramic Bridge

-made of a precious metal frame, coated with ceramic
-special model: layering technique according to "Kataoka"
Specialisation :
-electroformed metal ceramic bridges
-no discolouring in shoulder area
-warm ground colour because of pure gold
-absolutely biocompatible
-unrivalled for aesthetic quality



-convincing because of absolute translucence
-excellent aesthetics
-conventional insertion
-at prices similar to a metal ceramic bridge with gold frame

-layering technique according to "Kataoka"
-solid ceramic bridges with a frame millcut from zirconia ceramic
and with ceramic coating

Insertion kit may be borrowed (within Germany only).

Sliding Elements (attachments)

-interlocked crowns with ready-made or customised attachments
-outstanding aesthetics of metal ceramic bridge
-model casting ensures robustness

-electroformed load distributor,
-stress relieved gliding,
-perfect fitting accuracy and adhesive capacity


-cast or electroformed telescopes (conical telescope crowns)
-primary telescope crowns possible with precious metal, zircon, non-precious metal
-electroformed secondary telescope crowns for smooth and stress relieved gliding
-evenly distributed adhesive force
-equal coating thickness
-warm and golden colour due to electroforming material
-model cast superstructure to ensure stability and longevity
-comfortable handling

-custom-made coating according to "Kataoka"


-gold cast, ceramic or electroformed inlays
-accurate fit
-impression trays for closed-mouth impression may be ordered as well


-Empress or Vitadur Alpha make

NEW: press ceramic by Jeneric Pentron, bending strenght of 450 MPa!!!

-layering technique according to "Kataoka"

Model Casting

-model casting (partial framework)
-models measured at the laboratory and accompanied by construction proposal
-cast by using Wironit extra-hard (BEGO)

Complete Dental Prothesis

-closed-mouth impression or "centric tray" respectively -support pin registration and facebow
-accessories can be borrowed by request (within Germany only)

-electroformed prothesis base
-custom-made arrangement of prosthetic teeth
-custom-made replacement teeth (plastic or ceramic)
-natural shaping of gums
-complete prothesis according to Lerch ConceptŠ:

-sequence of medical and technical stages that can be
reproduced at any time and repeated with any given patient
-hollistically adjusted to the patient for stable, secure and comfortable fit
-if possible, incorporation of fotograph showing the patient's
dental situation around the age of 20


Our laboratory is authorised by certification to produce
mouth-guards meeting all requirements.

-PLAYSAFE sports mouthguards by Erkodent
-wide range of possible colours to choose from
-upper jaw and lower jaw with occlusal registration


-hard orthotic splints, soft nightguards, mini plastic splints, splints as medication carriers
-variable thicknesses to choose from
-soft, hard or combined (soft/hard) plates

E-Mail: info@dentalkuenstler.de